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The Ellington Baptist Teen Youth Group

is a ministry of the Ellington Baptist Church

to reach today’s youth with the truth of the Gospel message.


We believe that Jesus Christ is our risen Savior and that only through him will we have eternal life.


We believe that living a life that is pleasing to the Lord can be a fun and fulfilling experience!


We believe in the importance of outreach and we encourage our youth to invite friends to our Youth Group and other scheduled activities.


We believe that there is strength in numbers and therefore promote participation in all activities that will encourage our youth to form strong and lasting bonds with other Christian teens.


What is Word of Life all about?

Changed lives . . . this is what Word of Life is all about.


Word of Life is an international ministry focused on the local church and reaching youth whose needs constantly change with biblical truth that never changes!


Change is good – when it is controlled by biblical philosophy and principles. Although styles can be quite traditional and may call for change, the absolutes of Biblical mandates are timeless.


The key to successful youth ministry is the ability to be contemporary and relevant while living by biblical absolutes.


Youth will have a blast while serving their Savior and learning more about Him!

Word OF LIFE Teen Group

(grades 7 - 12)

Sundays:  600 - 7:30 PM


6:00 pm  Sunday Evenings


Ellington Baptist Church

264  Pinney Street, Ellington, CT  06029

(860) 872-8444


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